Tuesday, December 17, 2013

11 Quick & Easy Items to Make this Christmas

Still looking for something special to make this Christmas season?  Maybe your house or apartment is needing a little extra cheer or you're desperately seeking ideas for homemade gifts to give.  Or perhaps their are a couple of kiddos running around your home who really need something to occupy their time while they are off of school.  Whatever the reason may be I've rounded up my favorite crafts from this past year to help give you a bit of inspiration.  Enjoy!

Looking for something to add holiday cheer to your home?  Try one of these:

ruffle Christmas tree skirt which I'm proud to say is still holding up strong now in it's second season of use!

Popsicle stick snowflakes are fun and easy for the kids to help with.  Try having them decorate the sticks or if they're older have them design their own pattern.

Give this fast drying gingerbread house a shot for something not too time consuming for the little ones.

Go for my #1 viewed post to find out how to clean those old candle containers you have lying around and fill them with holiday bobbles to place around the house.

Still finding yourself in need of gift ideas?  Take a look at these:

Dress up an old lampshade with something meaningful.  The possibilities here are endless, outline kids hands and let them color them in, write important lyrics or verses to be remembered, make a crazy design, whatever moves you!

Or perhaps your handwriting is pretty atrocious without a stencil, cover it in yarn to match your current decor.

Maybe the kitchen is where you're more comfortable.  Make someone you love a hand picked batch of seasonings.

Make personalized matching outfits for the family if that's your style, or just do really crazy things, whatever floats your boat.  With careful supervision bleaching t-shirts can be totally kid friendly.

Maybe handling chemicals isn't something you're super into.  Easily take any t-shirt and add this fun braided embellishment to the top.  This is a super easy one that kids could do with minimal supervision and would make fun gifts from them.

Maybe this year will be particularly hard as you've lost a loved one.  Or maybe someone in your life could use a little sentimentality in their life.  Turn an old button up into a pillow and I guarantee that person won't be forgotten.

Perhaps your house is all decorated and gifts are all wrapped under the tree but you're still looking for a little holiday cheer to bake up.

Take a classic snickerdoodle recipe, omit the cinnamon from the mix they get rolled in and substitute holiday colored sugar or sprinkles and you've got yourself an easy Christmas cookie.


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