Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Throw Pillows For The Diagonally Obsessed

The Husband and I recently had a couple of weddings to go to and as we were in the process of moving across the country I thought I'd crochet a set of throw pillows for each couple.  Isn't this what sane people do?  In the midst of trying to find a new home, leaving your job, saying goodbye to all your friends and family and knowing that you have weddings coming up decide to forego the registry in lieu of making things that take time.  No?  In my defense I figured the process of creating these pillows would give me something constant to focus on in light of all the new changes that apparently needed to happen.  And yes, at one point I did ask The Husband if my one checked bag could be just yarn for fear of running out before the rest of our stuff arrived.  Thankfully The Husband is awesome and keeps me in check when I go crazy so only the necessary yarn was carried on board and all non-essentials such as clothing and shampoo were checked.

On to the pillows!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig,...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I am writing this from my Mom's living room as pies are being baked in the kitchen and 23 family members are preparing to make the venture to Virginia.  Currently the immediate family is reveling in the small amount of calm before the storm.  A storm that we grow more excited for with every waking minute, a storm of laughter, food, love, craziness, and loudness.  I can't wait! 

With a number of posts that could be written today I asked my sisters which they wanted to see.  After going back and forth on whether or not a sappy post about Thanksgiving was something I wanted to do (did the first paragraph suffice?) they responded in unison that they wanted the Spider-Man Cake.  So here it is:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deep Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch Cookies

Recently, I found myself at my in-laws house with a craving for something chocolaty.  As I didn't have my recipe box with the old standbys I thoroughly perused the many options on my Pinterest boards for inspiration and concluded that this recipe would most certainly do!  

The intended final result picture of cookies on a plate does not exist as they didn't exactly last that long...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Slip-Cover A Chair

What better way to kick off a blog I've been wanting to start for a while than discussing a project I spent years meaning to do and finally did a couple of months ago.  

Here's what I started with.