Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Candle's Transformation

You know those things you have sitting around the house because some day, one day, you are positive you will find a use for them?  Maybe it's pipe cleaners, maybe it's popsicle sticks, or velcro, or fabric, or bags, or maybe, just maybe even candle jars.

I have a penchant for candles.  I'm one of those people who doesn't see anything wrong in lighting five or ten differently scented candles in one room.  I've always loved the candles that come in jars mostly because I've been repeatedly known to light a candle, leave a room, and come back to find it had melted all over my table or cd's.  I probably shouldn't be allowed within 5 feet of a candle.  In recent years though as I've gotten more responsible around fire (or as I think I've become more responsible) I've been veering away from candles in jars simply because then you're left with this icky, black, soot-stained jar and it's one of those items I feel like I should be able to find a use for.  Currently this was their use:

Really useful huh?  I'd used them both up and knew I had found a tutorial somewhere on Pinterest for melting the wax so I could in fact put these things to work.  So here we go!
They have no idea what's coming their way!
When boiling the water, just be sure to stay nearby.  I realize this should go without saying but apparently I forgot this integral part.  I did some other chores and came back to find the teapot had boiled over...  Why yes, I am a responsible adult!
Pour boiling water into the candles, mwahaha!
I filled them to just below where the neck of the bottle begins.
Stare in fascination as liquid was bubbles to the top, seriously, it's like watching a lava lamp!
Wait for the jars to be completely cool before taking the wax out and giving them a thorough scrubbing.
I found a use for one immediately!  Also, can we take a moment and be proud that not only do I own make-up brushes, but that I own enough that I need a place to put them?
And there you have it!  The second jar is now being used to hold our Wii controllers and I have since done this to a third jar which as of yet has no use...but soon!  I used to get rid of the lids to candles because they obnoxiously took up too much space.  Now that I know how to re-use them I'll be sure to keep the lids to open up even more options for storage!

Tips & Tricks:
  • It's mentioned in the original post but really do let the water in the jars cool completely.  The last thing you want to do is pour still melty wax down your sink.  I found that I only waited an hour or two although larger jars with more wax will take longer.
  • You may find that you have to fill the jar with boiling water more than once to loosen all the wax.
  • I have had one jar where I needed to break the pieces that held the wick away from the bottom of the jar before filling it with water.  I regular butter knife, fork, or pair of scissors will do this job nicely.  Just a little prod to dislodge it from the surrounding wax should be fine.
Let me know what uses you can find for your old candle jars!


  1. Yay! this works!! What did you do with the water/candle wax? I really don't want to pour it down the drain.. seems.. like a bad idea.

  2. Once the water was completely cooled I got as much wax as possible out and dumped it in the trashcan, the rest of the water went down the drain and I immediately ran the disposal while running cool water so that any residual wax wouldn't melt and cause the gears to gum up. Enjoy your new found containers!