Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weatherproofing Wood

Living in the Northwest means that much of the year is spent with rain and a balcony that is typically wet and does not get used all that frequently until the sun comes out.  While we could make use of it more frequently if we obtained furniture for it that was made out of metal or plastic, you know, like pretty much everyone else around here has.  But no, we had to be different.  We went to Goodwill shortly after we moved last October and obtained a couple of nice wooden chairs and a little wooden table that would be perfect.  We also knew that we didn't have the space to store these items either inside or in the garage when the weather was wet.  So what have we done to prevent rot and water damage you may ask?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tank To Tube

So way back in July I promised a tutorial to create the bandeau top that I made for my infinity dress and then various things which all occurred in July meant that it has now been far too long and I owe you all a tutorial!  So if you, like me, prefer to be somewhat more conservative when it comes to cleavage and being able to wear a bra but for whatever reason wearing normal tank tops under low cut shirts won't cut it for you may I present a very simple solution:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July In Review

So July, yeah, that's apparently a month that just flew by, I mean we're a week into August already so who knows where the time goes.  We had a great many things occur in July both big and small which accounts for the lack of consistent posting this past month.  Sorry!  I promise many tutorials and recipes to come!