Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tank To Tube

So way back in July I promised a tutorial to create the bandeau top that I made for my infinity dress and then various things which all occurred in July meant that it has now been far too long and I owe you all a tutorial!  So if you, like me, prefer to be somewhat more conservative when it comes to cleavage and being able to wear a bra but for whatever reason wearing normal tank tops under low cut shirts won't cut it for you may I present a very simple solution:
Yes, that is just a tank top, a very stretchy tank top that is unfortunately too short and thus never worn.  But here before your eyes it shall magically be transformed into a tube/bandeau top!
Grab any tank top you've got on hand that you don't normally wear, if it's a little small or has lots of stretch that will probably be best so that it stays where it's supposed to.

Figure out a way to cut it in a straight line.  If you don't have a lined cutting mat a piece of cardboard with with lines marked out by rulers will also work.  I've never had particular success with measuring down/up from a hem and pinning as one side inevitably ends up longer/shorter/tighter/wonkier than the other but if it works for you great!

Realize that now would be an awesome time to have one of those handy see through extra long ruler things to place on top but decide that you can eyeball it well enough.

Cut fabric straight across and be super excited about your progress thus far!

And since I suck at taking pictures while sewing here's what the finished hem will look like.  Use a zig-zag stitch just as we did on the dress so that the fabric continues to stretch without making gaping holed where stitches have been sewn.

And ta da!  A completely awfully lighted picture but if you may be able to see the triangular bit of fabric that's slightly darker than the green of the rest of the dress.
There you have it!  Now get going on re-purposing some old tank tops you have lying around!  

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