Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Throw Pillows For The Diagonally Obsessed

The Husband and I recently had a couple of weddings to go to and as we were in the process of moving across the country I thought I'd crochet a set of throw pillows for each couple.  Isn't this what sane people do?  In the midst of trying to find a new home, leaving your job, saying goodbye to all your friends and family and knowing that you have weddings coming up decide to forego the registry in lieu of making things that take time.  No?  In my defense I figured the process of creating these pillows would give me something constant to focus on in light of all the new changes that apparently needed to happen.  And yes, at one point I did ask The Husband if my one checked bag could be just yarn for fear of running out before the rest of our stuff arrived.  Thankfully The Husband is awesome and keeps me in check when I go crazy so only the necessary yarn was carried on board and all non-essentials such as clothing and shampoo were checked.

On to the pillows!!

I found this tutorial online and was able to follow it exactly.  Don't you love it when that happens?  It really was as easy as they make it out to be although don't be scared if it takes a couple of false starts.  It helps to  know that rather than working across in rows you're working from the bottom right corner to the top left so each row increases and then decreases accordingly.  I did not realize this before beginning and so my multiple false starts were all due to having absolutely no clue which direction the yarn was supposed to be going.  
I ended up using a little more than one skein each of Red Heart Super Saver yarn for both pillows
I really liked that our friends could put the pillows out either matching or mismatched so each pillow has a primarily blue side and a primarily white side
The edging was an area where the directions were not particularly clear.  I wanted it to look even the entire way around which I achieved by sc 1 between each dc and sc 3 in each ch 6 space.
I found that finishing the last side was easier if I went just past the third corner before  inserting the 12" pillow form and then finishing out the last edge
Pat yourself on the back, crack your knuckles, stretch your fingers, they're done!
All-in-all these pillows took about 3 days to make and is an easy pattern to recreate particularly if you've got a basic understanding of crochet.  If you're looking to try something like this my advice is to Google everything!  I initially learned via a friend and have taught myself everything else through patterns and a computer at my fingertips to look up pictures and videos of everything I didn't understand.

Thanks for reading and happy crocheting!

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  1. Danielle these are lovely and such a special gift. I have really enjoyed crocheting between my knitting. I might make a pair myself. Andrea