Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September & October In Review: Or Why Haven't There Been Any Posts?!?!

Hello.  Perhaps some of you are still here and reading?  Or perhaps after a solid two months without a new post you've all gone away, moved on with your lives.  I wouldn't blame you.  Let's just say the last two months have not exactly been relaxing around here.  But as today marks one year since I started this blog what better day to get off my lazy (crazy, hectic, insane, relatively pregnant) butt and put this blog into gear again!

Let's dive in to what life has had in store over the past couple of months shall we?
September saw us spending every waking moment frantically searching for a new apartment so as to avoid paying rent for both a new place and the old.  After many days consisting solely of scouring the internet and calling people only to find a place had just been rented or that laundry was coin operated (why is this even still something in existence?) we finally found a fantastic new place!  Pictures will be coming but as I have plans for some before and after posts you will have to manage without them in the meantime. :)

We hadn't let ourselves start packing while searching as we weren't positive that we would be out of our old place by the end of September but now that we had a new place lined up we were in full swing!  This may have been the hardest part for me as typically I would have spent a week, maybe a little longer, packing morning to night and be done with the whole thing.  Alas, when you're pregnant and prone to back pain and exhaustion packing an apartment is no easy feat!  A huge thank you to all of our friends and family who helped us with the packing and moving, we really and truly could not have done it without you!
This would be what our car looked like as we gathered boxes.
And because I know that pictures of boxes is what people come to my blog for, here are the boxes awaiting packing. :)
While in theory we should have had the entire month of September to pack and move and accomplish this feat without being totally crazy and overwhelmed both The Husband and I had made plans to travel to the East Coast for various trips the last week of the month.

For both The Husband and I these were perfectly timed trips as far as desperately needing time to decompress and relax, they were also atrociously timed trips as far as moving goes, but alas we can't always know what's in store for us when making plans.  We had simply amazing friends and family help us move everything into a storage unit before we left on our trips and even more friends and family help move it all back out and into the new place when we got back.

Oh, and in case September hadn't been crazy enough this happened:
Yes, that is a firetruck outside of our old apartment.  The day that The Husband was scheduled to arrive back into town I found myself locked inside our hall bathroom.  I had noticed on one previous occasion that the doorknob didn't want to turn but had had no issues since so never gave it a second thought.  So of course I ended up being locked in the bathroom without my phone and faced with the possibility of being in there until midnight when The Husband was scheduled to arrive back.  After the requisite moment of panic and tears I managed to climb onto the edge of the bathroom and open a small window there waiting until I heard one of our neighbors leave the building at which point I was able to call out to them and he was kind enough to call the fire department for me.  I have never before been so appreciative of the services the fire department provides!  They arrived promptly and in no time one of them was able to climb onto our deck, get in through the sliding doors, and let the rest of the crew in through the main door.  I will forever find a small comfort in the fact that they were not able to open the door immediately so I was not made to look like a complete idiot  who should have spent a little more time creating a way to get out via toilet paper and floss...  Needless to say they got me out and I started my day off with quite the adrenaline rush!

October found The Husband and I initially staying with friends until a weekend rolled around when we were able to get into our new apartment and there would be time for friends and family to help us move back in.  Really, this was more of the same as I found myself wanting to be able to have everything unpacked in a couple of days but once again the energy level of a pregnant woman did not lend itself to that sort of exertion.  It has taken a couple of weeks but finally everything is unpacked and hung on the walls.  There are of course a few things left to be done and the nursery needs some love, but I'm working on taking that all in stride.
We have had an absolutely fantastic Fall this year!  There's been sun, brisk weather, and so many leaves!  Every day I just want to go out for a walk and take it all in, pretend I'm back on the East Coast for the season. :)
The Husband was awesome enough to pick up a pumpkin for us to carve which I wasn't sure we'd actually get around to.  Carving pumpkins has always been a touchy even for us as we never can agree on what to carve.  Do we go for an elaborate design inspired by Doctor Who or for a simple face sketched from our imagination?  Smart couples would each carve their own but we always seem to forget the saga, the tears, the frustrations that occurred the previous year and blissfully unaware delve into our shared pumpkin.  This year, we feel we showed tremendous growth as we perused Google images and immediately settled on one we both liked!

And now, here we are in November!  I have some very exciting things that should have been posted on this blog months ago and will finally have their chance to shine.  I found over the last two months that I have greatly missed coming up with recipes and crafts to post here and am putting into practice some new ideas to try and prevent the lengthy absences that tend to happen when life gets busy.  

If you've stuck it out through this incredibly wordy post I tip my hat to you and thank you ever so much.  Enjoy the start of your November, revel in these last bits of Fall before Winter sets in, and of course be sure to vote!

Thank you!


  1. I would like to see this toilet paper and floss escape plan... it sounds quite epic! Glad everything turned out ok!

  2. Haha, I was looking around the bathroom trying to find anything to attempt to jimmy the door with, there's a sad lack of those items in a bathroom of any sort, let alone a practically empty one. :)